The border problem

Did you know America has the biggest immigration problem in the world? Immigrants have been flooding into America by the hundreds of thousands for years and years. I heard an estimate that the number of illegal immigrants in America is around 11.4 million. That number drooped significantly during President Trump’s term in office. Still, now that we have Biden, the number is increasing every day, and are the Democrats doing anything about it? Nothing that will help. I mean, we do have Kamala Harris going down to Guatemala and telling those people not to flee to America after being threatened by gangs and thugs for money it’s sad that these are the people running our nation, our government. Kamala has not even seen the border or been down there to see the chaos, and Texas governor Greg Abbot knows this, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. He is forcing the Democrats to make a move by saying he will start construction on a border wall across Texas. Of course, they don’t have the funds to do this themselves, but he forces the Democrats to help him and give him funds by saying this and starting it. He is very ingenious. If you ask me and he shouldn’t have to do this, he should get help, but nope he tried but eventually was forced into doing this, and I fully one hundred percent behind him on this decision and will defend him to anyone who says different

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